Technical lyceum NTUU KPI is the educational establishment created for those young residents who want to get profound knowledge and to develop their abilities and skills.


Technical lyceum was founded in 1993 by Kiev State Polytechnic and the State Administration of Zhaliznichny district in Kiev city.


In our lyceum education is realized by various profiles:

•             physical-and-mathematical;

•             economic;

•             humanitarian.

Two foreign languages English, German are studied.

 Among the subjects studied profoundly are Mathematics, Physics and English.


A broad range of favorable conditions for creative self-realization and socio-pedagogical patronage is developed in our lyceum.

The major strategic task of the establishment is to teach children to live and survive in our instant and insistent world, to encourage them to enrich their inner world and culture, to develop their capability to make conscious social choice.

Today more over 600 students are taught in lyceum and 60 highly-trained specialists provide their training. Among them are Doctors,  Professors, teachers with the rank ‘Teacher-methodologist’ and  teachers with the rank ‘The highest category’.


Our lyceum guarantees the entering of 100 % of our graduates. Their studies at the Polytechnic University are based on the State funds. The high level of  entering is -provided:

·         with the high-skilled teachers;

·         with extremely good instructions in Mathematics and Physics;

·         with unity of education and upbringing;

·         with application of modern computer technology and computerization of the training process.


Lots of students of the lyceum have become the prize-winners in the all-Ukrainian subject Olympiads. Also  secondary school-leavers obtained gold and silver medals for successful study.

Pedagogical-and-psychological service under the guidance of the ‘Honoured person working in the education’ Shamrai L.I. is provided in the lyceum.

Our lyceum offers different extra-curricular activities in the following subjects: mathematics, physics, literature (Ukraine and foreign). In their free time students attend the theatre of the psychological short plays, the student scientific society and several sports clubs.

Students of the lyceum borrow books from the scientific library of the Polytechnic institute. The library possesses modern textbooks and scientific literature including books from the USA, Britain and Germany.


The surroundings of our lyceum are characterized by:

·         a high level of intellectual activity;

·         friendly atmosphere between teachers and students.

The premises of the lyceum have modern inner design and high-tech equipment. At the disposal of our students:

·         a conference hall where scientific conferences, intellectual quizzes, parties and discos   are held;

·         sports grounds where they can do sports and where competitions take place.

Our teachers do their best to support the students in successful realization of their creative projects.

The main motto of our teachers and students is: “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well”.



1. Our lyceum offers competitive exams to enter.

2. Candidates can enter only the 7-10-th forms.

3. A place of residence doesn’t matter for admission.

4. The registration will be realized from March, 15.

5. Prize-winners in subject Olympiads are given privileges.



33 Umanskaya Str., Kiev, Ukraine


(044) 242-77-78, 243-08-73